Eric Joseph Leffler


Eric Joseph Leffler paints the modern landscape, which is the template for combining his formal interests in color and design with his conceptual interests in climate change, capitalism, and Artificial Intelligence. Inspiration comes not only from architecture, but anywhere that he recognizes patterns in everyday life. These can be objects such as quilts, rugs, and puzzles, but also in the language of human interaction, idiomatic expressions and formulaic manners of speaking.
The primary conflict in the paintings is between the colors and patterns of architecture and how they interact with those of nature. Words appear like subliminal messages, disrupting the landscape, and suggesting clues to an ambiguous meaning behind each painting. These words appear on buildings and boats, business storefront and restaurant signs, deteriorated billboards, etc., and combine to form formulaic expressions that tell a history of consumer culture. In this seemingly human-less future, robots and A.I. continue functioning on autopilot, while remnants of generic human interactions, and optimistic corporate slogans continue echoing into oblivion.
When human innovation is no longer adequate in the face of climate change and nuclear catastrophe, these paintings depict the end result of mankind’s mindless consumption, contamination and destruction of its environment.
Eric Joseph Leffler is a painter and Lecturer at Cal State Univeristy Long Beach (Fundamental 2D Art), and Instructor at Coastline Community College's Newport Beach campus (Drawing 1 & Advanced Drawing, Painting 1 & Advanced Painting, and Art History). He earned an MFA from the Universidad de Vigo (Pontevedra), Spain, as well as a BFA in Painting and a (BA) in Spanish from Indiana University (Bloomington). He is bilingual in Spanish and English, after living and working in Spain from 2010-2013. He continues traveling frequently, along with his wife, the artist Lena Vieiro, who is from Vigo, Spain, and their killer chihuahua, Goya. They currently live in Long Beach, CA.
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