Eric Joseph Leffler paints the modern landscape, which is the template for combining his formal interests in color and design with his conceptual interests in climate change, capitalism, Artificial Intelligence and the post-human future. Inspiration comes not only from architecture and nature, but anywhere that he recognizes patterns in everyday life. These can be in objects such as quilts, rugs, and puzzles, but also in idiomatic expressions and formulaic manners of speaking.

The primary conflict in the paintings is between architecture and the landscape, and how manmade colors and patterns interact with those of nature. Words appear like subliminal messages, disrupting the landscape, and suggesting clues to a meaning behind each painting. These words appear on buildings and boats, business storefront and restaurant signs, deteriorated billboards, etc., and combine to form formulaic expressions that tell a history of (mainly American) consumerism. Mundane niceties, remnants of generic human interactions, and corporate slogans endlessly continue echoing into oblivion.

Paintings from 2009 are from his BFA thesis show at Indiana University, and work from 2012-13 is from his MFA program at Universidad de Vigo in Spain.